Season Four – Unfinished Business!

After defeating the lich Arvik Zaltos and restoring Ironhold to the rule of the dwarves, the adventurers look to explore the burnt out forest of Thunder Hollow and return to Sandpoint to tie up some loose ends. Still concerned over Content Not Found: groot and his return from the dead, they seek to find the rest of the items needed to remove his curse as well as bring down the gang of smugglers troubling Sandpoint


Into the Forest | The Fairy Ring | Briar Keep Dungeons
In The Brambles | Screaming Earth

The Rise of Flinthammer – Season Three Recap

Ironhold.jpgLearning of a plot by necromancers most foul, the adventurers are headed to the lost dwarven halls of Ironhold in the Fenwell Mountains near the gnome village of Whistledown. Concerned over the well being of their companion Content Not Found: groot, still cursed from the ancient swamp temple, will they put his well being before that of the entire region…


Horseless in Sandpoint | The Dark Crystal | On the Road to Wartle
Don’t Take My Stuff | Williwick’s Tower | Ironhold
Best Laid Plans | Arvik Zaltos | Death Arrives…
Rebellion | Defensive Measures | Securing the Hold
Arvik’s Sanctum | King Grit

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul – Season Two Recap

crypt_by_maloony-d39x53j.jpgAfter delving in to the Brinestump Marsh to locate the lost property of Content Not Found: titus-scarnetti, the adventurers have returned to Sandpoint as heroes. While their new found fame has made them many new friends, evil still lurks in the heart of Sandpoint, twisting the hearts and minds of its residents. Will our adventurers find and destroy this threat, or will they succumb to it’s inviting embrace…


Searching About Town… | The Plot Thickens | Lair of the Rat King
Ravenmoor | Paupers’ Graves | Crypts on the Hill
In Over Their Heads | Where Are We? | Altar of Ogrémoch
An Evening With Darwa Dallion | Roast Dwarf | Lessons From A Lich

Fane of Thoss Fyurnen – Season One Recap

black_dragon_by_lordhannu-d4ekj79.jpgSeven heroes arrived at Sandpoint to take employment in the service of the Sandpoint Mercantile League. Within days, they found themselves in Brinestump Marsh tracking down a lizardman village to retrieve a stolen altar. Oh and did I mention, the altar had been stolen by a black dragon…


Arrival at Sandpoint | The Hanging | Siege at Scarnetti Hall
Mamma?!? | Halls of the Lizard Queen | Into the Crypts
Caverns of the Sun | Fane of Thoss Fyurnen


Whispers of Evil

Welcome to Whispers of Evil, a campaign set in and around the town of Sandpoint.

A small town on The Lost Coast, Sandpoint has been relatively peaceful over the last forty years. But something is stirring in the wilderness. Something which skulks in the shadows and whispers evil in the ear of anyone who will listen.

What starts as a hanging gone wrong could end in the release of one of the most feared evils of all Golarion. Can you prevent the unthinkable?


About Legends of Golarion

The Legends of Golarion campaign site details my various campaigns set in Golarion. Each campaign is made up of several seasons (really just individual adventures) which culminate in an epic conclusion. The current (and first) campaign is Whispers of Evil, wherein a great evil threatens to rise again (and no it is not the Runelords).
My plan is to have each campaign run consecutively with foreshadowing of future campaigns appearing in the current campaigns (for instance, in Whispers of Evil, Sheriff Casp Avertin, the final victim of Chopper is very much alive and the adventurers will actually meet a villain from a future campaign) and to utilize events from previous campaigns to influence or even change the adventures of future campaigns (for instance, if Ameiko Kaijitsu were to die in the current campaign, that would have interesting consequences for Rise of the Runelords and Jade Regent). Adventurers from past campaigns can become mentors in future campaigns, and may even come out of retirement when the entire world is threatened. This will hopefully lead to a highly detailed, living history of Golarion which will be played out over many years.
So welcome to Legends of Golarion where Heroes are remembered, but Legends never die!!

Whispers of Evil